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"…I looked through all of their ingredients, and as far as I could tell, they are totally GF. They use natural, organic and local ingredients as much as they can. Truly a delight. Forget Nutella. This is the stuff right here. All natural ingredients, nothing strange on the labels, really, really good stuff."

Tiffany, lifeaftergluten.blogsppot.com


1 or 2 12-ounce jars: $12.95 per jar
3 to 11 jars: $12.00 per jar (3-packs of your choice of flavors at $36 are our most popular order)
12 jars and up: $11.00 per jar (a 12-pack at $132 is a great way to meet your gift-giving challenges!)

Wholesale inquiries are welcome.

You can order by e-mailing us at info@izzybellechocolate.com or calling us at 303-697-0706 to request flavors and quantities. This applies especially to those who live in the Colorado Front Range area.


The best dark chocolate in our pure and simple, smooth sauce with no additional flavorings.

Nutrition & Ingredients

Chilli Cinnamon Flavor

Our most innovative and exciting sauce combines the richness of dark chocolate with subtle and complex flavors and gentle heat from natural chillis.

Nutrition & Ingredients

Toffee Flavor

Our sauce incorporates an English toffee made locally by Carmen's Kitchen using fresh
natural ingredients. Its sweet delicacy is never over-sweet.

Nutrition & Ingredients

Raspberry Flavor

Think a hot summer's day. You've sneaked over to the raspberry patch. Smell that lush fruity odor and you've got the essence of our newest natural raspberry flavored chocolate sauce.

Nutrition & Ingredients



We add a hint of orange to our Original sauce. Smells and tastes like it just left the tree.

Nutrition & Ingredients


Our local partner Hammonds Candies hand crushes their all-natural peppermint pillows
just for us.

Nutrition & Ingredients

Peanut Butter Flavor

Freshly ground natural peanut butter graces this sauce that will appeal to your kids—and your own inner kid!

Nutrition & Ingredients



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